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Wellness As A Way of Life

Jul 20, 2021

In this week’s episode of Energetically You, I had the pleasure of interviewing Anastasia Schmalz, who is a freedom business coach and the co-founder of the blog  She tells us how she KNEW it was time to leave her corporate job, even when at the moment she went to tell her boss her boss surprised her with a promotion - she still resigned at that moment.

The topics we touched on:

  1. How to find the confidence to make the leap from your 9-5 to a freedom lifestyle.
  2. How her value of freedom came to paint her entire career & lifestyle.
  3. How to be practicable about making the leap from your 9-5 scenario to choose a freedom lifestyle.
  4. Passionprenuers are the new black.



“It was a feeling that I knew for a while that I wanted to do something, but the rest I had to figure out in the process.”


“I felt myself drawn to SE Asia, because I connected it to this sense of freedom.”


“Start today, start small.”


“It seemed crazy at the time, but I had been preparing for the moment [to quit] for a long at the moment there was nothing that was going to change my mind...I didn’t know HOW I would do it...I just knew it was the right step for me.”


Thank you for listening!


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More from Anastasia Schmalz:

Anastasia Schmalz is a freedom business coach and the co-founder of the blog (over 15k monthly readers). After years of leading $1M+ USD innovation projects in Fortune 500 companies and mentoring 20+ startups in global startup incubators, Anastasia left her corporate career to follow her dream of starting a location independent online business. Within 18 months she traveled to 25 countries and launched The 9-5 Escape Plan program to teach aspiring digital nomad entrepreneurs to find and kickstart their freedom business ideas, and create a financially safe transition from 9-5 to freedom.

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