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Energetically You

Jan 25, 2022

Title: Resilience, Growth Mindset and Networking on LinkedIn with Scott Aaron


Internationally acclaimed and award-winning online marketer, 3x best-selling author, top podcaster and speaker, Scott Aaron, is the go-to specialist when it comes to converting traffic, establishing connections, generating leads, creating...

Jan 18, 2022

Rosalyn Fung is a Akashic Visionary Life & Business Soul coach who is passionate about helping lightworkers and healers Get Out Of Your Own Way, Show up Unapologetically and Authentically to confidently attract their soulmate clients, ditch imposter syndrome, & raise client results through the Akasha, Mindset,...

Jan 11, 2022

We chatted about all things Human Design and energy flow in life and in business.  Breaking up with shame and blame if you feel like you don’t energetically fit into the molde. 

Laura Niese is a Bali Based intuitive mentor who used NLP and Human Design to help her clients align to the frequency of wealth and become a...

Jan 4, 2022

We discuss how women can come to terms with expressing their anger in healthy ways, really land in our body so we can learn to fully rest, and how fun and creative expression play into re-patterning us from over achieving ideals in our culture. 

Dr. Alice Kerby specializes in Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy and...

Dec 28, 2021

Vanessa is passionate about living life. Living life happily, healthy and slowing down for the small moments.  


She mentors others in: 

Minimalism, holistic wellness, homeschooling, human design and everything in the moments in between. She loves capturing photos with her camera and telling the story behind them.