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Wellness As A Way of Life

Dec 12, 2023

This week on Wellness As A Way of Life I am chatting with Dr. Molly Maloof about all things Sexual Wellness!  We dive into all the science around the healing powers of pleasure, Tips on How to Have A Deeper, More Connected Sex with Your Partner, and talk about the paradigm shift in your sexuality you need to know about.  


We chatted about:


  • Why slow is better than fast.

  • How to thrust your hips to optimize blood flow and engorgement

  • The Suction vs. Friction Method

  • The science around the healing power of pleasure and sex

  • How sex can be a transcendental experience

  • Why so many women are suffering in silence

  • What is the path to longevity that you are not considering

  • Sexual Sovereignty + Embodied Consent

  • Pain Pleasure Continuum


Dr. Molly is a pioneering force in healthspan extension and longevity medicine. Her expertise spans personalized medicine, digital health technologies, biofeedback-assisted lifestyle interventions, and scientifically-based wellness products and services. Her groundbreaking book, "The Spark Factor," is the first biohacking book for women. As the founder and CEO of Adamo Bioscience, Molly is also at the forefront of bringing modern sex education to couples with a groundbreaking intimacy program developed through her study of the science of love. The Adamo Method is a program designed for couples looking to optimize and improve their sexual and relational function. Designed with top experts in the fields of medicine, psychology, and somatic sexuality, the program is a comprehensive and enjoyable sex education for modern adults. 


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