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Energetically You

Oct 26, 2021

Laura Silverman has been a booze-free babe since July of 2007. Founder of lifestyle blog The Sobriety Collective, wellness travel site Booze Free in DC, and Zero Proof Nation, a growing community celebrating nonalcoholic beverages and the people who drink/create them, Laura is passionate about #thesoberlife. When not tasting delicious new booze-free bevs, she's a karaoke rockstar, roller derby girl, nature lover, #mentalhealth advocate and treasures spending time with her close friends and family.


“The only way out is through.”

The topics we touched on:


  1. How bullying primary school really impacted her relationship with alcohol later in college. 
  2. What is her favorite thing about being sober for 14 years?
  3. Why she is a mental health advocate and passionate about sober beverages.
  4. Why we are jealous of GenZ and Millennials.
  5. Why a sober future is so exciting. 



Instagram: @wearesober / @boozefreeindc / @zeroproofnation

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