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Wellness As A Way of Life

Mar 16, 2021

In this week’s episode of Energetically You we focused on mindful drinking with Genevieve Pardoe and Candice Lashley both who have recently embarked on a month “dry” or without alcohol.  They openly share their reflections, experiences and thoughts on their drinking moving forward.  I also shared my experience doing one year of mindful drinking before I decided to quit drinking all together 3 years ago this week.  

The top questions we will be asking ourselves throughout the episode include:

  1. What inspired Candice and Genevieve to take a month off drinking?
  2. What surprised them about being sober for a month?
  3. What were the major benefits that they experienced?  
  4. Are they reevaluating their relationship with alcohol moving forward?

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Thank you for listening!



Genevieve + Candice:

Genevieve Pardoe is the founder of Fallon Publishing. She helps first-time authors bring their memoirs, business, strategy, coaching, and health + wellness books to life.

She also brings her background as a certified trauma counsellor and MA in Geopolitics (conflict studies + strategy) to help women get unstuck in life and at work. She's sort of like a business doula! Whether it’s marketing, mindset, or both, Genevieve's clients hire her to help them gain clarity and take action with ease. Also, they have great fun achieving meaningful wins along the way. You can reach her at


Candice Lashley @thekindwedding is a wedding and event specialist with over 10 years experience planning and catering in the Greater Toronto Area. Her newest venture, The Kind Wedding teaches an approach to wedding planning that leads with kindness: focusing on reducing environmental impact and wedding waste, budget-and-eco-friendly tips and how to get down the aisle while maintaining a generous, loving and caring relationship to yourself and your loved ones.



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