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Energetically You

Aug 9, 2022

Jessica Mariei is a Life Purpose Coach and teaches Trauma-Informed Breathwork guiding women to expand their purpose, let go of emotional baggage and create a life of their dreams!

She has a big mission of touching as many lives as she can through self-healing and stepping deeper into the leadership of their life to make...

Aug 2, 2022

Michalla Bohon is a Humanistic and Existential Registered Clinical Mental Health Counseling Intern, Expressive Arts Therapy Intern, Certified Life Purpose Coach, & Past Life Regression Coach, Meditation Practitioner, Energy Healer, and HeartMath Therapist located in sunny Florida. 


Michalla is an author, inspirational...

Jul 26, 2022

Militsa Trendafilova is a certified Life and NLP Master Coach. She helps busy professionals both men and women, who are uncertain of their greater purpose (private and professional) to gain clarity and direction on what is the next right step in their life.


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Jul 19, 2022

Just sit or lie back and receive this incredible healing technique.


Save + download it to help you fall asleep or when you feel like you need support moving heavy emotions or pain. 


What Xorge calls a “sound hug”, so delicious!


You can connect with Xorge via his IG

Jul 12, 2022

From Xorge:

“I was born a rainbow and índigo kid, so I was already set up with some clairvoyance, clairaudience, with the ability to read energy with some sort of sensitivity to art and healing. At 16 i started a journey with quechuas chamans and i develop more the need to share my gifts with humanity, i got a degree...