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Wellness As A Way of Life

Jul 5, 2022

Caytlyn is the founder and creatrix of Integrative Pelvic Care. Her own healing journey led her into this sacred body of work and she is deeply committed to revolutionizing the story we have been told about living in a female body. How we feel about and in our bodies affects every single aspect of our lives. It is her life's mission to support other women on their journey to feeling deep belonging in their own bodies and on this Earth.


Integrative Pelvic Care offers a nervous system centered approach to whole woman healing and lifelong vitality. Her work reaches women all over the globe to guide them back to the inherent wisdom and power they hold within their bodies.


Caytlyn holds a sacred, tender container for women ready to explore this life changing work. This is a pilgrimage deep into your own body. A descent into the shadows, ancestry, trauma, and emotions we hold within. It is a journey of reweaving every aspect of Self back into relation with our sacred center. This is an invitation to explore our beliefs and stories about being a woman. 


She offers online programs and in person retreats for women all over the world to connect and heal together. In person retreats, energy and bodywork are hosted in Denver, CO and Dublin, Ireland.

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