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Wellness As A Way of Life

Jan 18, 2022

Rosalyn Fung is a Akashic Visionary Life & Business Soul coach who is passionate about helping lightworkers and healers Get Out Of Your Own Way, Show up Unapologetically and Authentically to confidently attract their soulmate clients, ditch imposter syndrome, & raise client results through the Akasha, Mindset, Strategies and her offerings in life and leadership certification programs.   She is a Facilitator & Trainer of the Flourishing Life Coaching Certification Program, speaker, 2x international best-selling author, former psychologist,  2nd Degree Blackbelt In Karate, a Reiki Master & Divine Compassion Multidimensional Healer, mastermind and workshop facilitator on the topics of topics of feminine leadership, self-love, mastering your energy, money mindset & attraction marketing. She has a podcast called Activate Your Soulgasmic Business and she delivers meditations with light language activations.   Rosalyn Has Been Featured In Huffington Post, Cbc Radio, And Has Spoken For Fearless Woman Summit, This Woman Means Business And Harvard University.   






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