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Wellness As A Way of Life

Jan 16, 2024


This month we are continuing our Elevate + Lead Mini-Series where we explore the intersection of wellness, leadership, and personal development. In today's episode, Megan Swan and Barbara San-Roman dive into the art of public speaking and leadership. They discuss the importance of knowing your audience, crafting compelling stories, and using competition to your advantage. With actionable tips and insights, they aim to help you feel grounded, embodied, and confident in your communication skills. Join us as we empower female leaders and provide tangible advice for personal and professional growth.


We chatted about:

Strategies for Authentic and Impactful Public Speaking

- Importance of self-awareness and authentic communication

- Shifting focus from memorization to natural storytelling

- Understanding the audience and communication goals

- Harnessing the power of storytelling and emotions

- Managing competition and controlling the narrative

- Grounding techniques and the value of practice



Barbara San-Roman teaches women in leadership to manage change, develop their leadership capacity, and build highly effective teams so that they can show up authentically as leaders while running high impact organizations. She is a former educator, current university professor, and holds a doctorate in organizational leadership. From managing multi-million dollar budgets to leading teams of 2 to 200, she has always understood that highly effective teams led by bold leadership are the foundation to the future success of any organization.

Megan Swan is an Integrated Wellness Coach & Strategic Advisor who works with modern women, leaders and companies to optimize their wellness so they can step into a growth mindset, have consistent energy and confidence to build the life and career of their dreams. She has 10 years of integrative wellness experience as a certified IIN Health Coach, Plant-Based Chef, Yoga Teacher and Educator.



Elevate + Lead


Thank you for listening!


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