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Wellness As A Way of Life

May 18, 2021

In this week’s episode of Energetically You, I had the joy of chatting with my friend and colleague Vanessa Aviles.  She is a certified Life & Mindset Coach who uses a variety of positive psychology tools like NLP, EFT, T.I.M.E Techniques & Clinical Hypnosis to help create quicker inner shifts. What sets her apart is that she’s a dot connector, root excavator, and pattern breaker. 


The topics we touched on:

  1. What is your third eye and how you can teach your kids to trust their intuition. 
  2. What are the 4 Pillars to the perfect limiting belief busting morning routine?
  3. What is EFT and what can it do for you?
  4. How she brings her Greek roots into her life and coaching.
  5. Why women need to own our need to feel good and master the gentle tension between our masculine and feminine energies.


“I remember that moment, it was like a weird time travel, because this lesson [that my Mom taught me at 7 years old] literally guided me out of circumstances where I could have been dead.”

“Where is your knowing and doing gap?”

“Journaling is a big one for grounding and self-discovery.”

“I think the big thing is feeling good...being ok with feeling good while we are growing.  Being ok with where I’m at while still pushing for the next level. That beautiful tension balance between the two. ” 

Thank you for listening!

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More from Vanessa:

She helps her clients uncover their deepest limiting beliefs that have been holding them back so they can step into their power as a co-creator of the most beautiful life they could ever imagine. 

Essentially, she helps them navigate their external world through their internal compass.

What sets her apart is that she is a dot connector, root excavator, and pattern breaker. Her goal is to teach & mentor while having fun! 

While she does have years of life, mindset, and business/career experience to help guide women to their external successes, her personal experience with loss, trauma, and feelings of being an “outsider” have helped create a safe space where her clients feel comfortable getting vulnerable and real. That’s where the real inner change begins.

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