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Energetically You

Jan 3, 2023

Welcome back to Energetically You where we talk about optimal wellness, abundant mindset and confident decision making.  Megan Swan is a Wellness Coach + Consultant and the founder of Megan Swan Wellness and the Sustainable Integrated Wellness Approach.  


Megan helps high performance humans, entrepreneurs and modern companies thread more wellness into their lifestyle and company culture,  so that it becomes a way of life and not a checkmark on their to do list.  


She is on a mission to empower more people through optimal wellness.


This is Episode 1 of Season 3 and she is doing a bit of a happy dance celebrating her own messy action to start a podcast!  This is the 108th episode, a beautiful sacred geometry number.  


Intentionality is a superpower you can thread into your life, your planning, your experiences, your rituals and your wellness.  It is not just about the thing, it is about your true intention behind doing the thing.  Longevity?  Self love, self acceptance, confidence within, living and enjoying your life more in the present moment?  What is your WHY behind the changes, intentions and resolutions for 2023??


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