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Wellness As A Way of Life

Nov 23, 2021

As a coach of twenty years standing my passion and purpose is the transformation of my clients. When my clients transform and get what they want my heart sings – and that is simply the best feeling.  I started my money journey in 2015. She’s been busy coaching other women about Impostor Syndrome, organisational culture and politics, how to get ahead in their positions and ask for more money, how to put an end to underearning and upgrade their lives.    She found that the money work was so transformational that she did the work to get certified as a Money Coach. This work is transformational in a way that no other coaching is – because when dealing with money the rubber really meets the road. She says you can’t put anything under the table when dealing with money. Once we pull the pin on money a host of pins get pulled and we transform many parts of our lives.    

The topics we touched on:


  1. Why money is a metaphor for everything else in our lives. 
  2. Your self-talk around money.   
  3. What is your money story?
  4. Why you need to join a community that has an abundant and non taboo perspective on women making money. 


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