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Wellness As A Way of Life

May 25, 2021

In this week’s episode of Energetically You, I had the joy of chatting with Verity Dimock. Verity  started her career in corporate learning and development and ten years ago made a transition to leadership roles in nonprofit operations and program development and since COVID hit and she lost her job she was given the opportunity to evaluate, pause and think through her next steps.  Today, Verity is splitting her time between helping to scale a technology driven social innovation project called and building a coaching business dedicated to empowering new graduates job search with strategy-first tools and tactics, designed specifically for our virtual world. 

The top questions we will be asking ourselves throughout the episode include:

  1. How to leverage the power of community with the power of technology.
  2. How is this connecting businesses that want to help and people who really need it?
  3. How giving within the community strengthens social ties.
  4. Why she decided to hire a life coach.
  5. Why she now prioritizes wellness more than ever. 


“We’re leveraging technology to support people in need in a community way.”

“Some of the great feedback I’ve heard from the folks in the Pilot community has been how much it has strengthened neighborhood ties.” 

“I think one of the most important things for me was overall wellness, I really wanted to feel like I was positively connected with this project, that it would be something I would be proud to tell my kids about, and that I wanted to be associated with the brand and the people.”

“I was not taking care of myself physically, I was really burnt out...the burnout piece was not fun and it just didn’t make sense anymore.”

Thank you for listening!

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