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Wellness As A Way of Life

Sep 14, 2021

This week on Energetically You we talk about How to Have Magnetic Energy.


I break down the 4 major layers we can consider from a wellness and mindset perspective so that we feel complete confidence in our own skin and in turn have magnetic energy.


How to start.

Why it is important to work on these things gradually and not look for quick fixes.

My experience shedding layers, managing others and adding some new potent layers to feel more magnetic energy. 


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If you are ready.

We start next week.

ALIGN + SHINE: embodiment:

It’s ⅓ soul sister community group coaching calls

      ⅓ private coaching so we can dig deep to uncover what is holding you back from feeling limitless + powerful

      ⅓ badass guest experts who are so excited to help you embody empowerment from each of their unique perspectives.


ALIGN + SHINE is about finding the wellness, embodiment + mindset tools and habits that really work FOR YOU, and make sense TO YOU, making wellness a way of life, not a checkmark on your to do list.   

This is your invitation to start feeling more magnetic energy + confidence in your own skin.